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Content Marketing 2020 – six things that work

Six of the things that I think work in terms of content marketing in 2020, captured in a DanelDoodle. This list is not exhaustive and the brief points for each are also not set in stone. Below is a brief additional paragraph on each.

Landing pages

These used to be called micro sites. These day’s they are most often a single page, sometimes with navigation jumps to different parts of the page. The key element is a clear call to action and everything on the page geared to leading the reader to take the action. Mailchimp is a good example with a recently launched function for this but you can build them with any good Content Management System.


Storytelling is a part of all good content creation. But in this case I am referring to the tools/platforms used to deliver the story. Tik Tok is a good example and provides a means for short form, captivating storytelling. Google derived Amp has got into the game with web stories too and starting to push this.


There’s not too much to tell here because you know what they are. Their rise is the bigger story. Clearly they are resonating. A great insight into this is provided by Andreessen Horowitz (VC) in this post: Investing in the Podcast Ecosystem in 2019.


As learning (important part of career growth) takes on increasing importance, content that teaches something becomes more attractive. This is not new, there has never been a shortage of people/companies willing to share their knowledge. It’s the quality and methods adopted that are changing.


In the age of Instagram, and with an exponential explosion in content, what stands out is content that is easy to consume and gets a message across fast and clearly. People are visual by nature and so images that are enhanced with info and the right animation will stand out.

Live interactions

This started before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived but has been accelerated because of it. Especially as events have had to go fully virtual with tools from the likes of Zoom, Microsoft (Teams) and YouTube all facilitating mass scale virtual events. But they work equally well for the small, very interpersonal forum too.

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