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The Employee Experience Journey Matrix

As I am trying to conclude my work on the Employee Customer Experience Connection trend report, I felt an important yet lagging part of not just my work, but generally, was a comprehensive view of the employee journey. Not just the journey but what contributes to making it successful. The result of that is this work-in-progress, journey / matrix map below and a few notes to elaborate. Quick links from the table of contents.

The journey / matrix map

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The three key elements

The tech

It goes without saying that technology plays a central role. I decided to break it down into front end and back end systems. The list is not exhaustive but I really tried to capture the highest level category of technology at least.

My next challenge with this map would be to fill out the different technology vendors and or systems/platforms/tools that exist out there. I would at least start with Microsoft for obvious reasons (disclosure), for use in the work I do.

The employee experience journey

Here I didn’t provide too much detail. Important was the different phases of the journey and then the stages (Candidate, Employee, Alumni). Also just a nod to the different types of experiences the employee will go through at each phase.

Not to be left out, I thought it was important to cover external staff.

The leadership

Here too I think it is a hugely important element that influences the employee journey – those that are responsible for and most impact on it.

The obvious groups which I did not break down are HR leaders and staff as well as senior executives in general.

I broke this section down into the two things that those most of those responsible for investing in the employee experience care about, what goes into it (the inputs) and what comes out of it (the outcomes).

Again I tried to keep it at high level but cover the major categories.

The connection

This is highlighted by the blue box at the bottom in the outcomes section. My trend report and main hypothesis is that if you manage the whole employee experience well, with the right levers and strategy, one of the outcomes is that there will be a positive impact on the customer experience. More specifically that it will tie to arguably one of the most important impacts for a company as a whole – satisfising and keeping customers.

Anything I missed or got wrong, please pop it into a comment below.

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