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Trying too hard and the art of letting go

Going with the flow has become a bit of a cliche but there is truth to it. One of it’s establishing principles is letting go. Another way of looking at it, as the philosophy of Wu Wei does, is as “effortless doing” or “action without action”.

Especially in these Corona Times where we have limited control, the inclination is to do more, be more productive, etc. Like pushing a piece of string, it’s sometimes futile and you are better off letting go. If you are working on or trying to do something and it’s not working, try some of these options, they are guaranteed to improve the situation.

Tips for letting go

  1. Get up and take a walk in as much green space as possible, e.g. forest or park.
  2. Take 10 deep breathes. Target 5 a minute, with breaks.
  3. Exercise vigorously for 20 minutes, ideally.
  4. Meditate for 20 minutes, 10 at a minimum.
  5. Go and do something out of the ordinary: help someone, do something you’re afraid of, take a cold shower.
  6. Sleep on it, at least one night, every day is day one and you can try again tomorrow..

2 thoughts on “Trying too hard and the art of letting go

  1. I’m prepared to do anything except take a cold shower. Sleep on it works for me.

    1. Ha, me too on the cold shower. It works though. When I have tried it, out of necessity, I’ve appreciated its general efficacy in jump starting things. So can see its wider application 😉

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