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Jobs of the future will be what robots cannot do

The title of this post actually comes from a video I viewed on Big Think way back in 2016. It was a short video by renowned American physicist, Michio Kaku. I’ve just searched the site extensively to try and find it again but couldn’t. Good thing I downloaded a copy at the time and uploaded it to YouTube. I wanted to capture it as I recall it was not shareable. I have based a lot of my thinking on its prognostications since then. I first referenced it here: After robots and AI – intellectual capitalism where creativity and imagination thrive.

I remember at the time being struck by his views, they resonated deeply with me. Maybe some of them have come back to bite Michio or Big Think for having aired them so it was taken down from the Big Think site.

I say that because of some of the feedback I have received from the comments to the YouTube video which has hit close to 70 000 views since I shared it with lots of comments and likes (a few dislikes).

I’m sharing the video again here for easy reference. Below are also some of the posts that I have written since then to elaborate on those initial views.

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What’s wrong with the predictions?

Back to the point about the feedback on the video by commenters and why this video may have been pulled. I think they have quite rightly pointed out where some of his predictions are wrong and modern technology in just 5 years has managed to achieve what Michio said was impossible.

I’m not saying the video was pulled nor for the reason I’m suggesting because when predicting, there is always the risk of getting it wrong. But for people who are paid and valued for their views it might seem a little embarrassing.

Regardless, go to the video on YouTube to check out the comments. There are currently 49. Many do a great job of highlighting the fact that robots, AI, machine learning and more similar technology already do a lot of what he said was not possible. And that’s only in 5 years – imagine the next 5, 10, 20…

I’m not saying I agree or disagree but it is becoming increasingly hard to do the latter.

Still I maintain that humans will have the edge for a long time to come and this should be used as a foundation for how we prepare for the age of machines.

What’s right with the predictions and how this influences your skills growth

Nothing like a DanelDoodle to help sensemake and make my point. So these are the skills I think we are up against as humans and those that I think we will still uniquely maintain in a world that will demand them.

They are just words I’ve chosen to represent my views. There could have been others or better ones.

The point is I did not want to go too deep because its all prediction and we have seen how difficult that is to get right so why bother too much.

These differing skills should be roughly applicable.

What do you think?

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