Employee Experience

modern organisation hierarchy of needs V2
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A lot of my knowledge in this space  is informed by my experience in starting a technology business and then subsequently working in the industry. My Birth of Enterprise Social adventure page capture’s a lot of that.

The social (and more recently, conversational) elements drive so much of what creates a great employee experience but there is much more.

A seminal piece I wrote captures much of the context of what drives employee experience (the diagram above is covered in depth in the post): The Modern Organisation’s Hierarchy of Needs. It outlines many other factors.

Employee Experience is a fairly recent concept that is gaining much ground. It combines many elements that have been a round a while and I have extensive experience supporting customers with. These form the focus of my mentoring.

  • Technology
  • Community and Culture
  • Connection with Customer Experience
  • Creativity and Innovation (including business model innovation)

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